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Dhai Baray

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Comments 14
Rating 3.5/5.0
Occasion: Ramadan   Total servings: 5 Servings
Cuisine: Pakistani   Calories:
Effort: Easy   Pre-Prep time:
Best for: All   Preperation time: 30 Min
How to serve: With Garnashing    

Dhai Baray recipe by Mariam at
Dahi Bara is a favourite street-food in Pakistan. Dara Bara is urad dal fritters in spicy yogurt gravy. You can't escape from the aroma if its on ur kitchen table.Very enticing, I should say!

2 cups dalClick to find more about dal maash dhuli (white) (Presoaked for 4-5 hours)
Pinch of baking soda.
1/2 teaspoon saltClick to find more about salt.
Pinch of heeng.

Grind the presoaked dalClick to find more about dal into a paste and add rest of the spices.
Mix well and leave for 30 minutes.
Then in a frying pan add 1 tbs. of oil and with the help of a spoon drop into the pan flat
rounded patties and shallow fry till light brown.
Meanwhile heat oil for deep frying and then deep fry.
When golden brown remove and cool.
When serving, soak in a bowl of water and when a little soft squeeze out the water between
palms and add to prepared yogurt.
YOGURT: Beat the yogurt adding a little water to a paste.
Add saltClick to find more about salt, red chili powder and 1/2 tsp. zeeraClick to find more about zeera powder.
Garnish with sweet ImliClick to find more about Imli Chutney and Chat Masala.

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There are 15 comment(s) for this recipe.
by Anonymous 5/5 Stars
This is how my family and I always make dahi baray. Always a hit, whenever I serve them. Friends request it again and again.

Thu Jul 04, 2013

by Anonymous 1/5 Star
what is the meaning of beat

Wed Aug 01, 2012

by Anonymous 4/5 Stars

Fri Jul 27, 2012

by Anonymous No Rating
what is the meaning of heeng?

Fri Jul 27, 2012

by Shahid 3/5 Stars
The receipe is good just be sure that the viscosity of the dahi should be a little runny otherwise the baras will suck /absorb the dahi and it will be very thick,put baras in the dahi just a short while before serving.

Sun Mar 04, 2012

by zahra No Rating
It will be more tasty if u add little sugar into yogurt paste.

Sun Aug 07, 2011

by Sweetsebz 5/5 Stars
Sounds really nice and easy, I will have to try it! Thanks for posting it! Happy Ramadan.

Sun Aug 15, 2010

by Anonymous 5/5 Stars
Thank You so much! i tried it and everyone loved it, its very easy to make

Wed Apr 28, 2010

by sadia 5/5 Stars
I tried this reciepe.. very easy and delicious addition to dinner! Thank you :)

Mon Feb 08, 2010

by Anonymous 5/5 Stars
This recipe I want to try out, sounds very nice so I shall be doing so at raoz opening time. Thank you for the delicious recipes you provid

Mon Sep 07, 2009

by fiza 5/5 Stars
its the real recepie i really like it

Mon Aug 31, 2009

by nighat 5/5 Stars
very nice

Sun Aug 23, 2009

by Anonymous No Rating
agree with saima why is it first shallow fried I always fry direct into deep frier and turns out just fine and anonymous yes maash dhuli is maash ki daal the split washed white daal some people call it maa ki daal

Sun Aug 23, 2009

by Anonymous No Rating
is maash dhuli maash ki daal??

Sat Aug 22, 2009

by Saima 5/5 Stars
I like the recipe but have a question.Why should we NOT turn the barey over to fry on the other side? and why do we first shallow fry and then deep fry ? any special benefit of two steps frying?

Sun Jun 14, 2009

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  Dhai Baray at

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