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Bhari Bhindi

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Occasion: Any   Total servings: 4-6
Cuisine: Pakistani   Calories: 100
Effort: Easy   Pre-Prep time:
Best for: All   Preperation time: 1 hour
How to serve: Hot    

Bhari Bhindi recipe by Sam Babar at
A very unique and delectable stuffed bhindi recipe with the ladyfinger's slit and then stuffed with spice powders and fried.

BhindiClick to find more about Bhindi (OkraClick to find more about Okra) 1 kg
SaltClick to find more about Salt 1 Tbsp
Red Chilli 1 Tbsp
Khatai Powder 1 Tbsp
ZeeraClick to find more about Zeera Powder 1 Tbsp
Oil 2 cups for deep frying
To be eaten with
Boiled Rice
Chapati / Pita Bread

Wash bhindiClick to find more about bhindi and dry thoroughly.
Remove heads and slit one side but not all the way through so masala can be filled.
Mix the rest of the ingriedients together and with a spoon fill in the bhindiClick to find more about bhindi.
Fry till crisp.
Serve with boiled rice or chapati.
Great as a side dish.

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