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Occasion:   Total servings: 2-3
Cuisine: Pakistani   Calories:
Effort: Easy   Pre-Prep time:
Best for: All   Preperation time: 10-15 min
How to serve: Hot    

Poori recipe by Mariam at
Deep fried, puffed flat bread bread which can be served with variety of sides. Best serve in breakfast with halwa, chanay/cholay etc.

1 cup sifted wholewheat flour (sift to take out some of the larger bran bits)
1 cup allpurpose flour
1/2 teaspoon saltClick to find more about salt
2 tablespoons vegetable oil + more for deepfrying
1/2 cupwater

Put the 2 flours and saltClick to find more about salt in a bowl.
Drizzle the 2 tablespoons oil over thetop.
Rub the oil in with your fingers so the mixture resembles coarsebreadcrumbs. Slowly add the water to form a stiff ball of dough. Empty theball on to a clean work surface. Knead it for 1012 minutes or until it issmooth. Form a ball. Rub about 1/4 te
aspoon oil on the ball and slip itinto a plastic bag.
Set it aside for 30 minutes.Knead the dough again, and divide it into 12 equal balls. Keep 11 of themcovered while you work with the twelfth.
Flatten this ball and roll it outinto a 55 1/2" round.
If you have the space, roll out all the porris andkeep them in a single layer, covered with plastic wrap.
Over a medium flame, set about 1" of oil to heat in a small, deep frying pan(I used my wok).
Let it get very, very hot. Meanwhile, line a platter withpaper towels.
Lift up one poori and lay it carefully over the surface of thehot oil.
It might sink to the bottom but it should rise in seconds and beginto sizzle. Using the back of a slotted spoon, push the poori gently into theoil with tiny, swift strokes. Within seconds, the poori will puff up.
Turnit over and cook the second side for about 10 seconds.
Remove it with aslotted spoon and put it on the platter.
Make all the pooris this way.
The first layer on the platter may be covered with a layer of paper towls.
More pooris can then be spread over the top.
Serve the pooris hot (immediately).

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There are 12 comment(s) for this recipe.
by Anonymous 5/5 Stars
very accurate recipe.i tried it and i m making pooris 1st time knowing nothing about how to make it.following this recipe i made very good pooris....thanks alot

Thu May 15, 2014

by IPKKND ki badi FAN 5/5 Stars

Mon Jul 16, 2012

by Anonymous 5/5 Stars
nyc nd very easy 2 make...........

Mon Mar 28, 2011

by farkhanda No Rating
the recipe is so simple,easy and good.

Sun Oct 24, 2010

by Afshan 5/5 Stars
great recipe. tastes delicous

Mon Aug 30, 2010

by Anonymous 5/5 Stars
this is very easy i like it very much

Tue Aug 17, 2010

by maria qamar 5/5 Stars
wow i realy like this food and all friend ramdan mubarak

Tue Aug 17, 2010

by maria qamar 5/5 Stars
hmmmmmmmmm wow yameeeeeeeeeee

Tue Aug 17, 2010

by Roshni 5/5 Stars

Mon Aug 16, 2010

by asma ahmed 5/5 Stars
first of all ramdan mubarak all of u and da recipaly was realy nice pls try it i hope u luv it

Sun Aug 15, 2010

by nisha 5/5 Stars
it was very testi i like so much

Thu Aug 12, 2010

by imaran ali 5/5 Stars
dosto salam it is was very nice

Sun Jul 04, 2010

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  Poori at

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