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Tips for Washing and scrubbing ?


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:04 am    Post subject: Tips for Washing and scrubbing ? Reply with quote

Dishwashing liquid-don't economize- the concentrated stuff is best. Good for your dishes, your floors, your walls-you name it, dishwashing liquid can often do it. Hot soapy water is a clear winner for hundreds of tasks.

Scouring powders-I swear by a strong abrasive powder with coarse grit particles for the toughest of cleaning jobs. You can't use it on every surface-especially not plastic, because you'll soon rub all the shine off. But scouring powder is perfect for scrubbing inside the toilet bowl, for example.

Cream cleanser-this is good for more delicate surfaces that won't take a coarse grit powder, such as plastic baths. It's good on grease and very useful in the kitchen and bathroom.

Steel-wool soap pads-or just the plain wire or nylon pads for jobs where you don't want huge amounts of soap swishing about, just a good bit of elbow grease. They can be used carefully on some stoves to remove spills on the stove top, and inside the oven too. Roasting pans are a bother, aren't they? Good for a few months, then you get a buildup of brown spots.

Baking soda-a good old-fashioned cleaning product, with a whole host of uses. Great for washing down surfaces and especially good at cutting through grease. It is also a very powerful weapon in the battle against slimy and smelly drains. Used regularly it can save you an expensive call to a specialist drain-cleaning company. Mix with a small amount of very hot water and pour down the sink, or directly into the outside drain to help keep them clear.

Bleach-don't overuse bleach, it's really not necessary. Warm soapy water will often do, but a little dash of bleach in your bucket of soapy water will make some tough jobs easier.

Distilled clear vinegar-another wonderful traditional remedy my mother used which is just as good today. Use it for removing limescale-the mineral and salt deposits left by hard water-but don't use it on plated surfaces or it will remove the plating too. Wash off thoroughly after use. It's how my mother cleaned filthy windows-one part vinegar, nine parts water. But the solution needs to be rubbed off firmly with old newspaper or it can leave smears. A little vinegar is also good for pet urine on carpet, and it deters pets from returning to the same spot.

Bath soap-wonderful, but not in guest bathrooms. Who wants to use someone else's old soap? Liquid soap dispensers are best for guests. Rub a damp facecloth over soap to tackle all manner of marks-such as lipstick on a shirt collar or a cotton sweater. Don't rub heavily or you'll spoil the weave.

Liquid carpet shampoo spray-I swear by this for small marks, but use it as soon as they appear. Test a small hidden area first to ensure it won't spoil the carpet color, and leave for at least half an hour. For small marks just rub your fingernail along with the pile and tease through the soap. Bang with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth. Dirty carpets should be professionally cleaned, and don't be stingy with expensive rugs-take them to a specialist cleaner. If you could afford to buy the rugs you can afford to have them cleaned.

Dishwasher liquid-not only good in the dishwasher, but also for cleaning plastic baths. Don't let dirt build up or you may mark the plastic permanently.

Powdered laundry detergent (with enzymes)-not only is this great in your washing machine, it's also very good for cleaning a dirty bath. Fill the bath with warm water, add a couple of cups of powder, and leave to soak overnight. (You can even add men's dirty white shirts and do two jobs at once.) Rinse and buff dry.

Fabric softener-a wonderful invention. Choose your favorite fragrance. It's very good on natural fibers, but not on your bathing suits; they really don't like it.

Denture-cleaning tablets-these will clean more than just your false teeth! Pop one down the loo for a sparkling bowl, or even dissolve a couple in the kettle overnight. They will loosen the limescale and you can wipe it off with a paper towel in the morning. Rinse after use-who wants to drink tea made with denture tablets?
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I favor a lot of good. It is common knowledge that must be researched Bruera it.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You have given me plenty of material.
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