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  Topic: The New Pakirecipes v2.0

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PostForum: Polls & Voting   Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:31 pm   Subject: The New Pakirecipes v2.0
Very handy site. Thank you for creating it.
I have tried many recipes on here.
  Topic: Questions About Hairstyles

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PostForum: Ask an Expert   Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:19 am   Subject: Questions About Hairstyles
Bleaching is not good for the hair. Bleaching makes the hair brittle which causes split ends.

I would recommend having it professionally dyed if you don't mind spending the money. If you have thic ...
  Topic: Health Tips

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PostForum: House & Household   Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:16 am   Subject: Health Tips
Drinking tea or fruit juices always helps with menstrual pain.
  Topic: Hello

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PostForum: Introduce Yourself   Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:33 am   Subject: Hello
I am sorry, Johnny. Go out there and meet some people!
  Topic: dry Nuts good snack...

Replies: 18
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PostForum: Kitchen Corner   Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:31 am   Subject: dry Nuts good snack...
I like a mix of dried fruits and nuts.
However, nuts are very fattening. They are healthy in moderation.
  Topic: Acne

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PostForum: Ask an Expert   Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:23 am   Subject: Acne
Yes, I heard proactiv works. I have never tries it myself.
  Topic: Filo/Phyllo pastry

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PostForum: Ask an Expert   Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:18 am   Subject: Filo/Phyllo pastry
Yes phyllo is light and has a buttery flavour.
Commonly used is Greek foods such as spanakopita and pastries.

Since phyllo is thinner, it is harder to use. The sheets often tear when using. Once ...
  Topic: weight loss tea?

Replies: 4
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PostForum: Ask an Expert   Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:13 am   Subject: weight loss tea?
Green tea speeds up your metabolism and is also a laxative. Great for digestive health.
  Topic: Weight-Loss Recipes

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PostForum: Ask an Expert   Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:12 am   Subject: Weight-Loss Recipes
Jastina, each smaller meals. If you only eat one or two big meals a day, this slows down your metabolism. (Probably the reason why you don't burn as many calories at the gym). Also, don't eat past 7 p ...
  Topic: Healthy Hair Tips

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PostForum: House & Household   Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:06 am   Subject: Healthy Hair Tips
Also, Exercising will increase hair growth.
In seasonal climates, hair grows faster in the summer.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated too!
  Topic: Tip/Trick: Dough Sticking?

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PostForum: Tips & Tricks   Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:40 am   Subject: Tip/Trick: Dough Sticking?
Use flour or cooking spray of course!
Very useful.
  Topic: Tip/Trick: Quick Salad Dressing

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PostForum: Tips & Tricks   Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:38 am   Subject: Tip/Trick: Quick Salad Dressing
If I want a salad dressing with less fat I use a little olive oil and vinegar. I prefer balsamic vinegar. Pour on salad and toss.
  Topic: Tip/Trick: Constipated?

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PostForum: Tips & Tricks   Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:36 am   Subject: Tip/Trick: Constipated?
I drink a cup of tea or coffee.
Or I exercise.
  Topic: Recipe: Cucumber Chutney

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PostForum: Recipes   Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:34 am   Subject: Recipe: Cucumber Chutney
I made this recently. Great little appetizer or side dish. Refreshing and good flavour.
  Topic: Recipe: Banana Split

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PostForum: Recipes   Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:43 pm   Subject: Recipe: Banana Split
Don't forget the sprinkles!
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