Pakistani recipes & cooking
Pakistani recipes & cooking
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Chicken Karaahi
Dish with some great spicy flavors. Karahi is a curry with tomatoes and fresh green chilies, and you can taste in the curry itself
Posted by Prestigemall in Poultry
38503   7   5
Black Forest Cake
Eggless cake ,made into blackforest cake a valentines cake for vegeterians
Posted by Nawedkhan in Dessert
20988   4   3
Mixed Pakoras Special
A tantalizing assortment of light fritters with mixed vegetables will taste great with this coconut chutney and these unique Veget
Posted by Nawedkhan in Iftar
17286   4   2
Fresh Coriander Leaves
Freshen slightly withered coriander leaves.
Posted by Nawedkhan in Kitchen
9792   0   0