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Qandhari Kofta Special 

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  Qandhari Kofta Special at
Enjoy Qandhari Koftay and Meat Pulao with BBQ Chicken along with Aloo mirchi in Veggie and Salad on the side. Enjoy Sheer at the end.

Aloo Mirchi at
Stuffed Capsicum filled with spicy potatoes....
Category: Vegetable
Posted by Nazia Nazar on Wed Mar 22, 2006
Bbq Chicken at
A simple and fast marinade for moist and flavorful chicken breasts.
Category: Poultry
Posted by hotline_hl on Wed May 31, 2006
Beef, Lamb Or Chicken Pulao at
Pulao is a popular and cherished Persian dish prepared with basmati rice. You can cook pulao with different types of meat such as chicken or murgh pulao, mutton pulao, beef pulao and even fish pulao. First of all meat is boiled with a variety of spices and then rice and more water added if needed.
Category: Rice
Posted by Tracey on Mon Apr 22, 2002
Chicken And Pasta Salad at
This crowd pleasing Chicken Pasta Salad recipe is perfect for a picnic, lunch, or light supper and a potluck-perfect for barbecue season.
Category: Salads
Posted by Nazia on Mon Feb 06, 2006
Qandhari Koftay at
Delicious Mince Kofta cooked in a gravy made with spices, cream and tomato puree
Category: Beef
Posted by maham on Tue Oct 19, 2010
Sheer at Videos
Sheer is usually made on the occasion of the Eid festival. It is a milk based desert.
Category: Appetizer
Posted by NawedKhan on Tue Mar 03, 2009

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There are 3 comment(s) for this meal.
by SumeraNawed (Jr. Admin) 5/5 Stars
Hi, we have just reviewed the recipe and its been updated. Onions and eggs are the key ingredients to keep the meatballs(koftas) together yet make them soft. Try adding chopped onions as per the recipe says and let us know how did it work. best of luck :)

Sun Mar 29, 2015

by Anonymous 3/5 Stars
i prepared koftas but they came out to be the hardest to cut ....can anyone tell what was missing ...why they become hard ???

Sun Mar 29, 2015

by qudsiaalam 5/5 Stars
i need updates

Tue Jul 23, 2013


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